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Le Grand Chic

Head Office:
Via A.Diaz, 12 - 04100, Latina, Italy

School for cutting and sewing

At Le Grand Chic even Surveyors, Accountants and Graduates come to learn High Fashion;
In Latina future tailors, pattern makers and Fashion designers are born; three to five years of studies to create Made in Italy tailors. The school which is called Le Grand Chic can only be something particular, refined, special. A long corridor, two long parades of mannequins that wear models of various styles, fruit of a certain inspiration and a lot of fantasy, that the students prepare. The students of this school are normal boys and girls that learn all the techniques to that allow them to express all their innate creativeness completely. Le Grand Chic is fashion.
Periodically the young designers present their creations to the judgment of the public; these events take place in famous touristic sites. The garments are worn by models of famous school of poise and modeling. The locations of our schools are in various parts of Italy and abroad.
Le Grand Chic has received prizes various times, and for us, beside it being a reason of merit and pride, it represents the best business card to present to families, as the qualification of our seriousness. This is not only an invitation to participate to our courses but it’s a reality and an opportunity that creates jobs, letting your ideas walk at pace with fashion, and managing your own atelier, sewing workshop, pattern making workshop or working for businesses. You can obtain all this at the Le Grand Chic School of Fashion, that has the head office in Latina (Italy), Via Diaz 12. Tel.0773/695588, Mobile 333/2258067 Fax 0773/695588. We are searching for qualified and motivated persons, to give concession areas in Italy and abroad.

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